OK, why do I think I’m qualified to even suggest what to buy and where to buy it? Well, for one, I’m really cheap. Which, of course, means that I have a natural urge to try to get the best deal. That sometimes bites back, though, as it’s occasionally necessary to pay a premium either to buy quality product or buy it from a reputable source. My garage is a testament to bad purchasing attempts – all kinds of random electronics and computer gear that either don’t live up to their promise or just plain stopped working. I’ll make sure I document all those experiences, too, so you can learn from my mistakes.

I also love gadgets. I admit it. My name is Jeff and I’m a gadgetaholic. Let’s see…Treo, portable video player, MP3 player, plasma TV, noise-cancelling headphones, those goofy glasses that are supposed to project your computer screen, point-and-shoot digital camera, digital SLR, 4 computers (in actual use, about 4 more in parts), DSL, wireless network, firewall, Linux server – you get the idea.

One Thought on “Why, oh why would anyone listen to me?

  1. I will listen to you cause you are smart about your purchasing! So is that really what is going on in our garage!! ; )

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