Part of a clean install is having a backup of my data. I do this quite simply with Syncback SE. It allows me to synchronize data between two folders, in this case, between my laptop and an external USB drive. Because my laptop has lots of corporate data on it, I also use Truecrypt to encrypt the data on the external drive in case it falls into the wrong hands. As of yet, I don’t keep dated backups – just a snapshot of the latest data I have on my laptop.

I have also tried Cobian Backup for one particular reason. The free version of Syncback doesn’t allow you to sychronize with an FTP server. Instead of paying for the premium version of Syncback (hey, I’m cheap), I tried Cobian for this. It works quite well and I might switch all my backup tasks to it, but I just haven’t had enough time to play with it.

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