Bolse 3.1A 15W Dual USB Charger

I have a Nook Color tablet. Yes, I’m using 4 year old technology – shocking! I keep thinking about buying a Nexus 7, but the good folks over at XDA-Developers keep coming out with great new ROMs for the Nook. Anyway, more on that later. The Nook (as with many tablets) charges much faster with a high-powered USB port (typically 2A or more works best). I wanted a charger to use at work, so I picked this up. It has a 2A port and a 1A port, so I can charge the Nook as well as the multitude of other battery-powered electronics I own (bluetooth headset, iPhone, 4g modem, bluetooth music adapter, headphone amp, various portable chargers). Does it work as advertised? The answer is a resounding “maybe.” The Nook also uses a special micro USB cable with extra pins to accommodate the faster charging. I bought one of these cables on eBay (from China, of course) that claims to have the extra pins, but I’m not so sure they’re really there. My Nook charges just fine, but it doesn’t seem as fast as my OEM charger at home. I’ll do a more controlled test in the near future and report back my findings.

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